Our daughter Naomi was born with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) and spent her first 2 months in the NICU. When we finally came home, Naomi was struggling with feeding. Children with CDH often suffer from reflux; therefore, Naomi was not interested in eating, but when she did eat she tended to throw a significant amount back up (which made her even less interested in eating, a vicious cycle). It’s been a difficult thing to witness as any parent might imagine and eventually, she ended up with a feeding tube. Then, we met Nissa and the main thing we took away from the first encounter was that there was HOPE and there might be a solution.

After  the evaluation, Nissa would spend a full day with us, observe all of Naomi’s meals and offer techniques to break the vicious cycle. We saw improvement with each visit. Soon, Naomi was starting to hit her milestones and was catching up. The process took several months and by then end of it Naomi was eating and drinking normally! Nissa was patient, knowledgeable and always available to address a question or concern. The feeding tube was removed several months ago as Naomi is now able to eat and drink independently. She is almost two-and-a-half years old and thriving. We are truly grateful for what Nissa was able to accomplish with our daughter and would recommend her warmly to any family whose child has feeding issues.”

– Jake Spivack, M.D.

Nissa was the primary feeding therapist for my son, Masahiro. She has a deep understanding of the psychology of kids, and a keen sense of how to tell whether some actions are behavioral or if something is actually wrong. She has an amazing ability to get my son to eat. Before coming under Nissa’s care, we had my son in at least 3 other feeding programs with no success. Within a period of months, under Nissa’s care we had Masa going from 100% tube fed down to 20%, and continuing to follow her plans and protocols. He is now off the tube completely. I would highly recommend Nissa to anyone.”

– Jason Taylor

Nissa was a Behavior Consultant for our autistic son. She led a team of therapists who came to our home daily to work with our son on self-help skills and some feeding problems. Nissa has a vast skill set and expertise in her field. She is creative, loving, ethical, professional, and fun to work with. Nissa has a passion for what she does and she makes sure the entire family is making healthy progress, not just her client. She drove her team with high expectations and she got fantastic results. We were amazed at our son’s progress once Nissa came into our lives. We consider her a gift and I would be honored to recommend Nissa to anyone looking for a brilliant therapist for special children or adults.”

– Karla Leach

Nissa provides excellent medically based feeding services. I worked with her when she was in the Bay Area. I was an independent speech therapist who worked as a team with Nissa,  providing oral motor exercises. Nissa is organized, knows her program well, and knows how to interact with young children. She is a team player that was able to incorporate oral motor exercises into the existing feeding program. Nissa was also excellent at consistently communicating progress. I would highly recommend her for work with children with medically based feeding disorders.”

– Donna J. Uzoigwe, MS, CCC-SLP